Patrick Gowran and Adam Quinn Win Aerprize 2020

Winners of the second biennial Aerprize competition were announced yesterday by Seosamh Somers, competition sponsor and CEO of Aero City Group, Inc. and Aero City Group Inc. Business Development Manager, Lindsay Kast.

Patrick Gowran from Kinsale Community School in Co. Cork and Adam Quinn from Castleknock College in Dublin will spend six weeks in California training at Angel City Flyers to receive their private pilot certificate. Round-trip travel, accommodations, and flight training in the U.S. are included in the prize. 

Patrick Gowran and Seosamh Somers, Aer Corps Casedome, Baldonnel.Adam Quinn and Seosamh Somers, Aer Corps Casedome, Baldonnel.

Due to the global pandemic and regulatory lockdowns, Aero City Group Inc. has decided to postpone the winners start date to July next summer. 

“Our main concern is safety and in the current environment we are obligated to ensure the safety of these students, our staff and the general public by postponing their training timetable. Angel City Flyers will be delighted to welcome Adam and Patrick next summer,” Somers said. “We have been planning the Aerprize winners’ experience for the last two years, and everyone is very excited to share in its continuing success.”

The Aerprize competition was open to secondary school students throughout Ireland. Entrants submitted an original five-minute video explaining one of 16 STEM principles. Students whose videos were chosen as finalists were invited to the Irish Aer Corps base at Baldonnel to undergo a face to face interview, personality and aptitude testing and PC-9 simulator assessment all conducted with the expertise of the Irish Defence Forces. 

“I was thoroughly impressed with each Aerprize finalist we met in Baldonnel,” Somers said.  “Their talent is remarkable. The enthusiasm for the competition and energy that went into it truly signify the rigors of the students’ education and the dedication of the teachers who mentored them. I have no doubt each of them will be successful in their future. ”

Patrick Gowran was sponsored by teacher John Corcoran of Kinsale Community School. Tom Tierney of Castleknock College sponsored Adam Quinn, as well as 2018 winner, Connor Kennedy whom received his FAA Private Pilot Certification from Angel City Flyers under the Aerprize Scholarship in August 2019.

Somers, originally from Co. Wexford, Ireland, said he created Aerprize to help students understand the practical applications of science and engineering through aviation. Hse intends to use the first two sponsorship experiences to guide the future of the scholarship and will announce updates between now and the next running stated for 2022. Aero City Group Inc. and its subsidiary company Angel City Flyers, Flight School in Long Beach, California would like to say a big thanks to its partners, the Irish Science Teachers Association, the Irish Aer Corps, and the Institute of Physics in Ireland in helping make this sponsorship happen.