Terms and Conditions

  1. The Aerprize video competition is organised by Angel City Flyers in Long Beach, California, and the Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA) to explore the role of science in aviation.
  2. The competition is open to secondary school students in Ireland. Multiple entries will be accepted but will require separate applications forms to be completed.
  3. Entries will only be accepted via the online Application Form. Entry to the competition is free of charge.
  4. Angel City Flyers, ISTA and our supporters and partners will not be responsible for lost or late video entries or attempted entries or for internet, computer hardware and software, and/or any other technical errors, or delays that may prevent entry to the competition before the stated deadline. It is the responsibility of the entrant to submit the video in time and in compliance with the rules of the competition.
  5. Entrants agree that Angel City Flyers, ISTA and our supporters and partners will not be liable for any loss or injury resulting from participation in the competition or subsequent acceptance or prize(s).
  6. Entrants agree that Angel City Flyers, ISTA and our supporters and partners will not be liable in any way for any false claims, inaccuracies, copyrighted or illegal content contained in your video or in associated information links or external websites.
  7. The competition runs from October 31, 2019 and the deadline for submission of videos is February 14, 2020. Late entries will not be considered.
  8. Video entries should be 5 minutes in duration. Longer videos will not be considered.
  9. Video entries considered offensive will not be considered.
  10. Video entries should be based on one of 16 task areas.
  11. Winning videos will be announced during the week of April 3, 2020.
  12. Prizewinning videos will be selected by a panel of special guest judges including representatives from Angel City Flyers, ISTA, and Atlantic Flight Training Academy. The judges’ decision is final in all matters.
  13. Angel City Flyers and ISTA may request more information (including, but not limited to the original video file for upload to Angel City Flyers’ own YouTube channel) from entrants should your video be shortlisted or required for another reason.
  14. Two winners will each receive private pilot training at Angel City Flyers in Long Beach, California, including round-trip flight from Dublin to Los Angeles, and accommodations.
  15. Prizewinners agree to participate in such reasonable publicity as may be requested by Angel City Flyers, ISTA and our supporters and partners.
  16. Video content should be original. Copyrighted material (such as video clips, TV, movies, online videos, sound recordings, musical compositions etc.) must not be used in the video entries.
  17. It is the responsibility of the makers to obtain all necessary permissions and releases from all persons (including parental consent from the parent/guardian of any children) appearing in the video or any associated photos/still images, ensuring they are fully aware of the nature of the competition and subsequent use and display (including online) of the video entries by Angel City Flyers, ISTA, our supporters and partners and potentially the media and general public (e.g., sharing the YouTube video links via Twitter, Facebook etc.).
  18. By submitting your video into this competition, you hereby grant to Angel City Flyers, ISTA and supporters and partners, the royalty-free, non-exclusive right to publish, broadcast, transmit and distribute content of the video, and/or elements embodied within the video, in whole or in part.
  19. Angel City Flyers and ISTA reserve the right to modify or vary the terms and conditions at any time.
  20. By submitting your video, you agree to the above terms and conditions.